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GreenKeeper Solutions Services

Annual Membership

Annual membership with GreenKeeper Solutions puts the knowledge and experience of our experts at your fingertips. Solutions members get an exclusive email address to our team and your choice of two soil, tissue or water tests. Services include soil, tissue, and water test interpretation, day-to-day agronomic decision support, and basic pest identification and control recommendations.

Digital program reviews and in-person consultations

GreenKeeper Solutions Program Reviews pair our turfgrass experts with GreenKeeper users to optimize their turfgrass management program. GreenKeeper users can select a digtial review of their growth and disease management programs and also request a site visit from a GreenKeeper Solutions team member. After selecting a program, clients will recieve a targeted questionnaire, have a meeting with a team member, and then receive a digital or on-course review during a Zoom video meeting.

Growth Management Program Review

Our team will review your soil test results, fertilization history, and PGR program, then develop personalized recommendations for improving the agronomics and economic efficiency of your operation.

Disease Control Program Review

A GreenKeeper Solutions pathologist will review your control program and your most challenging diseases, then guide you how to improve disease control while improving your management efficiency.

Site Visits

Have the GreenKeeper Solutions team come to you. Complete a pre-visit questionnaire, then schedule a half-day site visit with a team member to discuss issues and view your course. After the visit, you will receive a custom recommendations report.

Meet the GreenKeeper Solutions Team

Our GreenKeeper Solutions team has decades of combined experience with finding answers to golf course management problems and consulting with golf facilities around the world. Our expertise in turfgrass fertilizers, plant growth regulators, and disease management tools is unmatched and spans cool and warm season grasses across climates.

Bill Kreuser, PhD

Bill specializes in PGRs, growth ecology and soil fertility. He received his MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD from Cornell University.

Doug Soldat, PhD

Doug specializes in soil fertility, water quality, and turfgrass growth. He received his MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD from Cornell University.

Jim Kerns, PhD

Jim is a turfgrass pathologist with expertise in diseases of warm- and cool-seaon turf. He received his MS from Texas A&M University and his PhD from North Carolina State University.

Paul Koch, PhD

Paul is a turfgrass pathologist with expertise in snow mold, dollar spot, pesticide fate and IPM. He received his MS & PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


GreenKeeper Solutions Memberships are $500 per calendar year and are available to all GreenKeeper user and non-users.

Growth Management and Disease Control Program Reviews are $750 each or $1350 for both reviews. Reviews include:

  • An initial questionnaire about the challenges at your facility
  • An initial ZOOM discussion with a GreenKeeper Solutions team Member
  • A thorough review of relevant environmental information and your past management records in GreenKeeper
  • A final ZOOM meeting with your GreenKeeper Solutions team member to analyze the review results and recommendations

If you'd like a GreenKeeper Solutions team member to visit your facility in person, please request a Site Visit quote.

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