GreenKeeper University

In-depth online training from turfgrass experts

GreenKeeper University

GreenKeeper University is an online educational program that offers courses in the field of turfgrass science. It is an educational option intended for people who want a more in-depth training than is traditionally offered by short courses or other non-degree options, but do not have the resources or need to achieve a university degree in turfgrass science. Unlike one-hour conference sessions or brief webinars, GreenKeeper University courses dive deeper into the information over the course of three to twelve weeks. The professors will have time to explain advanced topics and students will be able to interact with other learners and the instructors.

We created this program for turfgrass professionals who may have a job and/or a family and are unable to make the sacrifice that a university degree demands. We also considered those who may already have a degree, but want to increase their knowledge or switch careers. We hope GreenKeeper University allows people to begin or advance their careers. We do not intend for GreenKeeper University to compete with or replace the many outstanding options for associate’s and bachelor’s degrees at accredited universities.

Earn a Introductory Certificate or GKU Diploma

Complete the introductory or advanced program to earn a certificate or diploma.

Learn at your Own Pace

Take as many or as few courses as you like. No time limit exists for GKU Diploma completion.

Invest in Yourself

Increase your knowledge and advance your career.
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