Greenkeeper is an essential decision - support tool designed exclusively for turfgrass professionals by the Turf Program at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Designed For Professionals

Desktop & Mobile Friendly

Designed to efficiently function on both desktop computers and mobile devices, the Greenkeeper App allows users to quickly reference prior applications and monitor pest control while on the course. Have confidence that your mixing calculations are correct and know your turf is covered at any time by simply looking at your phone!

Product Applications Log

You can select an area of your course to treat and choose products and application rates from an extensive turf product database. Then, watch the Greenkeeper App calculate how much product goes into a sprayer tank, the number of tanks needed, and the number of gallons in the mix. When you are done, you can print off an easy to read report with mixing instructions!

Pest Reports

You can tag a target pest ( curative or preventative ) to the products you add to your turf or report pest outbreaks directly to help other turf managers prepare for potential problems. Then, the Greenkeeper App ( with the help of it's users ) compiles maps showing the relative locations of recently reported pests.

Multiple Users

Turf management professionals need to work together and the Greenkeeper App makes it very easy! Just give the App an email and it will add that professional to your course!

Product Tracking & Alerts

The Greenkeeper App automatically keeps track of product efficacy, including PGR breakdown with GDD models, and notifies you when control has expired for one of your products.

Weather Reporting

The Greenkeeper App monitors the weather so that you don't have to. It's unique tools takes into account local weather conditions and gives you a hyper-local view of how your product application is doing and when it is time to reapply.


GreenKeeper is based on research from Nebraska Extension turf experts and made possible through funding by the University of Nebraska and our proud sponsors:
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